Ultimate Ironman challenge

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Re: Ultimate Ironman challenge

Postby Waterd103 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:38 pm

I´m doing a new run and found a very minor bug, you can , if you create a human cleric, get feat conjuration, then augment summoning, then change conjuration to another feat and keep summoning.
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Re: Ultimate Ironman challenge


Re: Ultimate Ironman challenge

Postby Waterd103 » Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:06 pm

I repost some of my discussion here Knights of the Chalice on Ironman - the ultimate challenge

Ok here are the first 3 parts. The first video the character creation is the only with commentary, the laughable part is that i did connect two parts of the video in the wrong way, so it starts at half the video and ends at the half of the video. Whatever, Hopefully I improve on the future the idea is to record the battles mostly so you can people can see the strats I use In case you are interested.
As I post this im in middle of a battle underground the orc keep

Character´s creation

Part 1 (First battle to Dwarf fortress)

Part 2 (Dwarf fortress to Orc underground)

Ok yesterday i finished my run,completing the game. I was surprising how little i struggle except on the FINAL FINAL battle, which was down to some miracles and a WEIRD WEIRD AI. 2 Wizards are really powerfull. Sadly while there will be a part 3 when i upload, the part 4 will not exist. When the HD filled with the recording, camtasia said ¨not enough space, BOOM¨ and my 6 hour recording dissapeared. Just right before the final final battle.
With that said after the slaver Lords arc, the game becomes substantially easier and boring, so the most important stuff is still on record. I have a final screenshot where the game hang up! (I had this same hang up 3 times during the run, where exactly my knight moves to attack a target while webbed and he does take step i get STUCK, and he tries to still move again and the game hangs up) Clearly the battle is won so i consider it a completion.

Some comments on the fun experience and strategy.

Fun experience:
I think know i realize KOTC is only really good during the Slave lords arc. The giants arc is really dull, slow, grinding and boring, most fights are poorly designed, and even the ones that have some design, are extremly easy. The notable exceptions are the 3rd level of the frozen giant fortress and the 2nd level of the fire giant fortress. The whole Hill giant fortress could be scrapped and nothing is lost. There are some bits i like from the cave part of the ice fortress, but for the most part is full of boring fights.
I would prefer a way more shorter distilled game. It gets boring to use the same exact same strategy (right click with your knight and heal him) vs the same half a dozen group of giants that are too though but present no threat.

The sidequest of the Lich tower and Norglade have some interesting bits, and i like them, the lich tower first level however is grindy and boring.
I think this is the end of my time with KOTC, i did so many runs and had a great time. But there is nothing left for me to explore. I really enjoy the battle system and is one of the best battle systems of any rpg out there. But there is only so much i can replay the same fights.

For someone that did a run normal (so you have a general idea of where the firecamps are and where are the though fights) and did enjoy the combat system a lot, i strongly suggest trying the challenge i think its fun and definitly doable. I said before i could complete it 65% of the time, It think without including the final fights i can pull it off at this point probably higher than 80% of the time, maybe even more.

The final fight was a miracle this time, I failed my two antempts to dominate monster, lucky the friendly wizard, DID dominate some troll.
Eventually i wen into a corner, and i manage to dominate the only thing in range, a Shaman troll. I thought it was going to be pointless but how wrong i was, without his mass healings i wouldnt be able to survive. But it still i was going down, except for the weirdest thing. The enemy spider casted WEB. And it seems all units are scared of WEB, BADLY. they all sited there like ducks outside the web while i slowly deyhdrated and acid blast them.

First I will say that if you plan to try the challenge, dont read this, i think part of the fun of the challenge is trying to come with an overall strategy to it. With that said..

I still think 2 Clerics 1 Wizard 1 Knight to be the best team for an ironman run. But I realized 1 Knight, 2 Wizards and 1 Cleric is really powerfull too. The reason I failed previous runs but i succeded at this one (other than really great rolls at character creation) is that I used to run a weird knight either focused on ranged attacks, or go with shield and sword (what a waste) or two weapons. Etc etc. The two handed Knights completly owns all other type of knights, the amount of damage it can pull out is insane, and you can do a lot of fights just with slight support of your wizards and cleric (some healing, some Ice shield here and there) meaning you need little rests, I didnt use a few firecamps in the game and I think i could have skipped 2 or 3 more if i wished so.
Most fights that are hard otherwise are so easy with 2 wizards, you can nuke half the opposition in the first 1 or 2 turns. Then Paralyze, dominate, make dance whatever strong is left. A two handed knight can solo most fights in the game with just 1 spell from the wizards for support (Blur/Bull strenght/Ice shield/Ironskin, etc etc whatever you choose)
Im not sure really if its better to kill the VROCK BEFORE the battle or after, if you dominate it it is game over, but if you dont, is preferable that its not there. I decided to kill it before the battle, but not sure its the right call.
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