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Vanicia Temple entry. What note? Spoilers.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:01 pm
by Bannerdog
SOLVED - I had missed exploring an area of the Fire Pits.

I can't enter the Temple in Vanicia.

In forum, I see that a note/letter/scroll is discussed in this regard.

I have found no note that seems applicable (or I destroyed it).

Can someone please tell me:

A) What the note says (maybe I'll remember whether I found and destroyed it).
B) Where it is obtained.

I also read (in forum) mention of it being translated.

If so, by whom?

I did find a note that mentioned numbers that I didn't understand (that is, the note stated that I didn't understand them).
I don't think that note was ever translated.


I already killed the wizard who was pretending to help me stop the giants (and who was going to translate the dragon scroll for me).

By the way, that scroll seems to have disappeared from my inventory.
Is that the scroll in question?

I hope I haven't painted myself into a corner.


I played the game years ago (and finished). I don't recall any difficulty entering the temple after the princess was kidnapped.

Thanks in advance