Geneforge-Worst Series Ever

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Geneforge-Worst Series Ever

Postby deathknight1728 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:12 am

Im sorry, Ive tried maybe 40 times to get into all of these games but they are too horribly imbalanced and ridiculously hard. If anything this is a learning experience, don't make games that regular people can't play and get into, especially ones that actually have a promising story.

I barely managed to get past gene forge 1 with the moderators literally pulling me towards the end and have been unable to get past a 1/4 of any of the other games. The problem and the biggest one at that, is that Jeff made this game with the mindset of it being a solo character game. The creations were only going to be a thing for the shapers, and the agent flew solo, problem is guardians, (the class I play) are the most weakest characters Ive ever seen. Im supposed to be this powerful shaper and yet 1 shot from an artila and my guardian is dead. Its really just pathetic.

I really don't know whats worse imbalance wise, Geneforge series or Inquisitor. Im taking bets on gene forge. The sad thing is I admire the guy jeff for his Avernum Escape from the Pit, and Avadon, but what was he thinking when he made these games.
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Geneforge-Worst Series Ever


Re: Geneforge-Worst Series Ever

Postby SkeleTony » Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:08 am

It is YOU, not the games. Spiderweb do not make their games to cater to every type of guy or gal who wants to try RPGs out. They are easy enough to learn and succeed at, even for most total newbies to CRPGs but they may seem hard for people from certain gaming backgrounds such as players of Japanese/Console styled CRPGs. Jeffs games seem absurdly easy compared to fan made scenarios for Blades of Exile/Avernum.
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