Divinity, Original sin

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Divinity, Original sin

Postby Waterd103 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:50 am

I dont know if this was the right thread or where i should write this. I usually enjoy some Turn based WRPG. And people have been boosting Divinity, Original sin. as the best WRPG that old schoolers will like. So I was super excited about this game.

What a ball of bullshit. It´s terrible and it barely qualifies as a WRPG
My favorite old WRPG are Shattered lands and Knights of the chalice. They are kind of puzzles with interesting combats
They have exploration and messing around but it´s kept at minimal, a lot of the time during the playtime you are taking DECISIONS which i think is the most fun of playing games, making decisions that do not have obvious answers.

Divinity is 100% a sandbox. you spend a lot of time doing works, creating stuff, walking around, doing things that are not decisions where you know what you want to do, it just takes you time to do it. The ¨game¨ is completly open ended and you can mess around all you want, there aren´t real decisions except in fights, where most decisions are done before the fight in the form of ¨how many potions i'm gonna bring¨ The worst part is for most things you want you need to get the ingredients and get the product, which is infinitely annoying. It has a lot of brainless fights, a lot, and since healing after every fight is trivial it really feels like wasting your time. I couldn´t finish the game because i couldn´t tolerate it anymore.

Overall I´m dissapointed with the game and Hope future WRPG do not learn anything from divinity OS
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Divinity, Original sin


Re: Divinity, Original sin

Postby BlueSalamander » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:15 pm

I've been interested in that game but there are a few things that turned me off. Like, there's no demo, the game requires lots of gigabytes on your hard drive, I've no interest in the two main characters expressing different opinions all the time, from videos it looks like encounters can be beaten using cheap tricks like stacking explosives, most spells seem to create a big area of dust that blocks line of sight, resolving quests is usually not straightforward...

I've also tried the Blackguards demo but I didn't enjoy the game much. It didn't feel like there was enough freedom or impact from player actions in the game.
I'm still looking forward to play the final version of Age of Decadence and I'm curious about Pillars of Eternity.
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Re: Divinity, Original sin

Postby Waterd103 » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:02 am

After some hours of investigation I managed to pull a list to make the game playable at least for a few runs.

Ironman, except with instant death traps (those are bad design imo)
Hard difficulty
No crafting
No-prebuffing (Despite what people say its very valid to prebuff in this game)
Can´t sell ingredients.
Can´t steal (With the exception of keys, books and parchments, since that is needed to advance the game)
Can only open doors, shelves and chests (can´t open boxes, baskets and similar)
No summonings
No glass cannon
No zombie
No charm arrows
Can´t Flee past the first round.

Something very important when you create characters, most people will want to play the 4 man group with the 2 only companions available in the game at this point.
They are a 2-Handed fighter and a Air/Water Wizard. So you generally want to create 2 characters that complement with that.
You can though recruit henchman, but they are expensive, and you need to buy them decent skills and equipment, so the best thing is to get with the 2 companions (also the 2 companions have personalities, henchman are just zombies, in some cases literally)
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