Javelin 1.6

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Javelin 1.6

Postby kek » Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:21 pm


Hello veterans and rookies! Today Javelin 1.6 is being released! It’s a big one so let’s get to it!

For those new to the game you can find out all about it here https://javelinrl.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/hello-world/

You can download your copy of Javelin 1.6 right here https://github.com/tukkek/javelin/releases/download/1.6/javelin.zip

If you have any sort of problem running the game check the link above for further instructions.

This release brings some changes to the early and late game, while also creating a new well-defined end-goal for each game. Besides a lot of new monsters for low level characters to duel against there are also new starting locations that will help you get the party started: the Adventurers Guild lets you apply starting kits to your units while the Training Hall provides an early challenge that also promises great rewards in a low-danger environment.

You will now find 7 temples scattered throughout the world map: each of them is a persistent, multi-level dungeon and holds a Relic on their deepest levels – each a powerful item on its own and now essential to winning the game, as you need to collect every relic to do so! Hopefully this will make each game feel more like a story while also providing interesting strategic decisions – should you rush towards each temple to reap the benefits from its Relic as soon as possible or level up enough to be able to face them with ease later on? Will your priority be vanquishing the forgotten temples or conquer the entire world map first?

There are new special locations too! The Summoning Circle lets your characters learn powerful summoning spells to bring forth allies during battle and the Pillar of Skulls, a macabre but powerful ally will accept several sorts of sacrifices and grant you fair boons for your trouble!

This release brings the full set of terrains predicted in the d20 rules – and with that also a system of seasons and natural hazards which you’ll discover while exploring the game world. Sail uncharted waters and try to find your way through massive sandstorms! This new system also makes world movement more dynamic and even lets you shape the world with your town workers – Civilization style!

The interface has been improved as well: you can now put your units under the control of the computer, activate quick combat (combat results are calculated automatically), edit your preferences and key settings via in-game screens and take notes with the new journal feature! The save system is faster, more robust and creates backups of your progress every time the game is started. A few bugs have been fixed too so if you had trouble losing progress on earlier versions please give this one a try! The AI now constantly monitors its own performance and suggests fixes if your configuration is less than optimal for the game. If and when an error occurs a lot more information is shown so you can submit it as a bug report.

And these are just a few of the new features! Check out the other highlights here:

New locations: 7 temples, 11 mage guilds, troves and mines!
New starting locations: Training Hall and Adventurers Guild!
New unique locations: Summoning Circle and Pillar of Skulls!
Around 50 new monsters!
New end-game goal: bring the 7 Relics to Haxor!
All game images can now be easily modified! (mod/skin support)
New damage effects: poison, paralysis, fear
Burrow movement
New item type: wands
New skills: use magic device and heal
New transport: sailing ship
More realistic, dynamic land movement
Seasons, new terrains and terrain features
Town workers let you build roads, settlements and more
Player units can now be set to automatic (controlled by AI)
New party option: strategic combat (skips random encounters)
Preferences and command keys can now be edited in-game
In-game journal for taking notes
More information on errors, for easier bug reporting
Improved save system, also creates automatic backups
AI system now monitors thinking speed and corrects itself if slow
183 monsters
47 items, 12 artifacts
63 upgrades, 49 spells, 13 skills
22 battle maps

Full post with more screenshots and information https://javelinrl.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/javelin-1-6/
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Javelin 1.6


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