The Qaedon Wars OGL Strategy

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The Qaedon Wars OGL Strategy

Postby getter77 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:32 pm Not 93's Fantasy Empires anew(world should've gotten so much more Mystara than we did...), but it has been about as long since anybody has tried anything remotely in that wheelhouse, OGL or otherwise~

The Qaedon Wars saga will tell the story of the people of Qaedon's fight to restore their world after the Great Cataclysm. This first episode The Story Begins will see your Hero start at Level 1 and begin the journey towards redemption for his/her world.

Loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons Open Game License (OGL) of Wizards of the Coast, the game provides a deep strategy and roleplaying experience as you build and progress your fantasy army through the single player campaign. The Story Begins delivers old-school gaming with retro hand-drawn 2D graphics throughout.

We have designed the game engine to be able to scale into future chapters of the saga where your hero and their troops can be imported into the next game. Expect to see your units at Level 20 by the end of the saga!

However each game will have its own discreet storyline and goals so that players can achieve victory in that particular chapter without playing any of the others.

50+ hours of game play in Story Mode which allows you to choose which objectives you wish to tackle in a particular Campaign.

Choose your hero and protect them throughout. If your hero dies it's game over!

Multiple battle scenarios, all with random objectives and enemies to increase replayability.

Varying mission types including Attack, Defend, Rescue, Capture, Escort.

Tactical turn-based battles on hex (overland) or square grids (underground). Battles can last between 30 minutes and 2+ hours.

Detailed army management between battles where you can improve your units' skills, get cures or buy new equipment (if you have the cash).

Hundreds of items for your units to loot.

Hundreds of spells for your Clerics and Mages to blast the enemy or help your troops.

Fill your coffers with Qaedi (the global currency) by looting your enemies and achieving mission objectives to finance your army operations.

Permanent death for units unless you can afford Resurrection!!

Dozens of options to customize gameplay.

Optional advanced rules to completely change the way you play, including Fog of War and Single or Split Movement.

Customize each unit in your army as they level up through combat experience.

Dozens of attributes for each unit covering their physical quality, abilities, movement and combat modifiers.

Equip your units with all manner of goodies using a variable inventory with up to 23 slots per unit.

Build spellbooks for your spellcasters from two Schools of Magic - Arcane and Divine.

Send your Warriors into the front line supported by your Archers, Clerics and Mages. Conduct sneak attacks with your Rogues.

Recruit single or multi class units like the Cleric/Mage.

Fight Giant Rats (can be quite nasty), Ulmug Orc Warriors (not very nice at all) and dozens of other foes.

Deal with Traps and Persistent Spells like the Riftgate.

Detailed In-Game Player Guides (Game Manual, Item Directory, Spell Compendium).

Help System for every spell, item and ability.

Customizable Tooltip System.

...and so much more!

So long as they can follow through with their intentions on character import up on through to 20 with the rest to match in scale, this could well come to snugly occupy a fine niche for itself...
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The Qaedon Wars OGL Strategy


Re: The Qaedon Wars OGL Strategy

Postby BlueSalamander » Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:01 pm

Thank you for posting! The game reminds me a lot of Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones (though that game didn't use the OGL, of course).
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