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Saving Throws

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:26 pm
by Atoch
First, I would like to thank you for your recent update. There are a lot of good changes to the pure melee classes (especially the monk) and I like to play these classes (especially the monk), but even for me it feels, as there is almost to much" empowering".
That a pure caster becomes a soon-to-be-mince-meat, if a pure melee fighter is able to "connect" with the caster is fair play, but even hybrid-classes look quite fragile against these feat-monsters now. (I don't suggest to re-change it, just to have it under "observation").

One of the weak points of the hybrid-classes is the spreading out of their attribute points and their (meagre number of) feats. Offensive spells against opponents of equal level are looking therefore rather unreliable, and this leads us now somehow, finally, to my question:
In your table "Summary of Abilities" there are always two attributes listed as supporting one kind of saving throw. But how?
Is it an average of the two attribute, the highest only or some other combination?
And, if I may ask, what is the intention behind these changes from the classical rules?

Re: Saving Throws

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:50 am
by BlueSalamander
Hello Atoch, thank you for your post.

Hybrid classes can be tweaked as needed in the future. However, I think that each class is really unique. For example, take the Psychic Warrior. It's a hybrid but it may be the ultimate fighter when he uses his powers Form of Doom and Vampiric Weapon together. Seems like a nearly unstoppable combination to me. I think that the Ranger is very powerful with Careful Shot and Critical Shot. He can hit high-Armour Class monsters that others could not reach, or he can get nearly-guaranteed critical hits. The Paladin may be the ultimate dragon and demon fighter. The Bard can be very useful in boosting the party.

While the Monk is powerful, he must get by with average hit points, no spells, and the fact that he may not be using enchanted armour and weapons.

Regarding the saving throws, yes, the game uses an average of two ability modifiers. That change is intended to make all abilities have effects for every character: you get something from every ability.

I don't think that ability-point spreading out is a big problem for hybrid classes. They just have to focus on Strength and Constitution mostly (or Dexterity for archer and high-mobility types), with low or average scores in the other abilities. For example, average Wisdom is okay for a Ranger.

Now working on the AI for enemy spells. The very first spell cast by a level-20 Goblin Wizard against my high-level fighter was Resilient Web, followed by Incendiary Cloud. Not a bad choice!

Have a good time!