How to make a good team?

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Re: How to make a good team?

Postby jms123 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:01 am

So I managed to finish with my samurai, gladiator, warlock, wizard, cleric, monk. Recruited Erzimon and the Paladin (Ashazarelle?), didn't get Pizarra due to the bug that was since fixed, didn't want to redo that fight (could have used the help, but was far beyond that when it was fixed and I didn't know that summoning was the trigger). Reloaded about 400 billion times though. It didn't help that 1.03 introduced a new crash on enemy moves so every fight became even more of a reload fest. Made everything harder because I had to focus on taking out the buggy enemies as quickly as possible, potentially altering my approach.

Didn't use any of the easier options from 1.03, but I did get the benefit of updating to 1.03 before the castle gates so I got the fully functioning surprise round.
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Re: How to make a good team?



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