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List of differences with the OGL 3.5

The game deviates from the standard 3.5 rules in many ways.

These are the main differences:

There are only three playable classes and three playable races.

The three playable races do not follow normal rules.

Multiclassing is not allowed.

There are no skills at all.

There are no potions and magic rods.

There are no reach weapons and no double weapons.

Creatures do not gain any special reach even if they are of large size or higher.

Spellcasters do not need to memorise spells at all.

Wizards have no familiars.

Clerics have no domain powers or domain spells and can't turn undead.

Clerics need to learn spells just like wizards.

Magic is strictly class-based, so fighters can never cast a spell, even from a scroll or wand.

Concentration checks are based on character level (since there is no Concentration skill).

Some spells were changed, many spells were removed and some new spells were created, including Mute, Mass Mute, Mind Blast, Vampiric Ray and Vampiric Blast.

The maximum range for bows, crossbows and spells has been much reduced as combat usually takes place at very close range.

Arrows and bolts cannot receive enhancement bonuses; but there are Sleeping arrows and Slaying arrows.

A rule on friendly fire was adopted for all range attacks, including spells. When you miss on the attack because of cover there is a chance that you actually struck the person in between.

You do not need to swap weapons in order to switch from a ranged attack to a melee attack - this process is considered instantaneous as long as you only use your equipped weapons.

Changes were made regarding what abilities can be given to armour and weapons. Some abilities were added, including Life Stealing and Destruction. It is forbidden to apply more than one energy-based ability to a weapon: you can't have both Frost and Flaming.

You do not progressively lose Hit Points if below 0. Instead you just become unconscious.

Only the player characters die at -10 HP. Everyone else is considered beyond help at 0 HP.

The Player characters recover all their Hit Points when resting.

Many feats were removed, some were added (Forge Weapon and Armor, Superior Concentration), some were modified (Two-Weapon Fighting).

There is no power attack feat and you cannot set an aggressive or defensive stance.

You may not use the Overrun, Disarm and Sunder combat actions.

There are changes in the way Grapple attacks work.

Many changes were made to creatures, for example, Babaus do not get a sneak attack but instead are given a wide critical threat range.

There are no enemies with fractional Challenge Rating (CR <1). Enemies were adjusted to take account of this fact.

When two bonuses of the same type are applied, usually the game rejects the application of the second effect, regardless of value. (In the normal rules, the two effects coexist and only the one with the highest value comes into effect)

You may not ride a horse.

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