What about average HD during level up option?

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What about average HD during level up option?

Postby ociebieda » Wed May 04, 2022 1:36 pm

When I see few times in a row, Wizard getting HD near max and Fighter below half, then I start to think, since we are having nice custom settings, why not add simple average HD option?
There is already stable max HP bonus and auto reroll option which feels like cheating.
While randomness can be average as summary on things that happen many times (like chance to hit, because we attack a lot between level ups), HD randomness luck has more impact, because it rolls lets say only 20 times (to level 20) and we can have really bad luck few times in a row that affects whole part to next level up or even level ups.
Imagine Fighter level 1 with 1 bonus HP, then Wizard with 6 bonus HP, and then again bad luck for Fighter on next level up, getting bonus HP below half.
Would be great to see at least one (simple to code I guess) option like "Half Hit Point Bonus On Level-Up" (3 for 6 HD, 6 for 12 HD).
Since it depends on pure luck (and computer pseudo randomness based on current data in memory tricks and similar), so not your skills or tactics at all, then I believe that it would not be cheating, but even preventing from good luck, giving you more fair game that slightly more depends on you, no bad or good luck on HD, just average.
This may also sound like little advantage, but in fact, half HP is less than real average, because there are two rolls on random HD i better one is chosen.
Real average is following (based on official: Characters / Basic Statistics / Hit Points):
6 HD - half is 3, average 4.53, difference 1.53
8 HD - half is 4, average 5.81, difference 1.81
10 HD - half is 5, average 7.15, difference 2.15
12 HD - half is 6, average 8.49, difference 2.49
This could give 3 more options, average rounded down (4/5/7/8, warriors +2, rest +1), nearest (5/6/7/8, all average +2), and up (5/6/8/9, warriors +3, rest +2).
I think half and average rounded down are best ones to keep better difference between warriors and the rest, but nearest keeps general summary average (slight disadvantage for warriors, slight advantage for the rest), so is fine too.
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What about average HD during level up option?


Re: What about average HD during level up option?

Postby BlueSalamander » Mon Jun 06, 2022 8:38 pm

Hiya ociebieda! :)

Thank you for the suggestions! I might add new options for average Hit Points on level up at some point. Best regards 8-)
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