New Barbarian Spirit Animals

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Re: New Barbarian Spirit Animals

Postby BlueSalamander » Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:27 pm

in most of these cases, the “free action”, given by “Greater Bullrush”, is enough – in my experience.
Yup. Greater Bull rush may be enough. But with the Bull Spirit Animal you might be able to slide two of the enemies into a Prismatic Wall for free.

if I had given Jorad the feat “Mobility”, so he could “move”, “push”, “move”, “push”, … (I’m not totally sure, if you need “Mobility” for this – if the “pushes” are “free actions” - but I think so)
Perhaps it is worth trying this in my next run... on the other hand “Mobility” costs two feats… :?
Perhaps somebody else can test this for me? 8-)
I've just tested it. You can do this without the feat Mobility.

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Re: New Barbarian Spirit Animals



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