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Re: Bug reports

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2021 4:53 pm
by Sangarunya
Next consideration: some effects are caused by one spell that belongs to different classes. Would it be worthwhile to mention in the help files the spell for each one of them? On one side of the scale, you are repeating almost the same words and on the other you summarize every single option to achieve the effect, the name of the spell and the classes that can cast it.

Example: Aligned Weapon is granted by the Cleric 2 spell Align Weapon (as its mentioned in the Aligned Weapon page) but also by the Align Weapon (Paladin) spell. With the current info it seems that only the Cleric can offer this advantage but the Paladin is a real alternative. The setback is repeating the same spell name for each class. But is also true that each spell is a unique one, different of the rest.

Another one: in addition to Grease (Wizard) and Resilient Grease (Wizard), Balancing condition is also obtained by Grease (Psionicist), Grease (Rogue) and Resilient Grease (Psionicist).