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5-5-5 User Made Module Offer

PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2021 12:31 am
by BlueSalamander
Greetings To You, Legendary Dungeon Masters! As I've just made available the new KotC 2 Module Editor PDF Guidebook (it's packaged together with the Augury of Chaos PDF Guidebook), now seems to be a highly propitious time for a reminder about the 5-5-5 User Made Module Offer! This is a reproduction of the text that you will also find in-game when clicking on the 'User Module Offer' button in the main menu.

5-5-5 User Made Module Offer

KotC 2 features a user-friendly set of tools for creating new and exciting OGL 3.5 CRPGs easily. You can create a stand-alone adventure, or you can allow your module to use the Saved Games of a previous module, thereby creating a campaign made up of connected adventures. Now you can unleash your inner deviousness against the unsuspecting player characters!

With the 5-5-5 User Module Offer, you can construct a high-quality module and we will split the net sales 50/50 for five years (subject to agreement). Please write to if you would like to embark on this adventure.

How big should your module be? It's up to you. I would expect a minimum of four or five large maps with a high content density. Or you could have a higher number of small maps. It's not really about quantity. It's about quality. A quality module will be played by more people and generate more sales. That's the golden rule to remember.

Good Luck To You, Worthy Dungeon Master!

The Legion Of Monsters Is Yours To Command.

Please feel free to post comments, suggestions and questions about Module Creation in this Forum. Thank you!

Re: 5-5-5 User Made Module Offer

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2022 3:47 pm
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