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A World in the Eye of Chaos

The world of Mindrel is one battered by rampant oppression by evil overlords, dreadful raiding by bandits and barbarians, and sinister threats of invasion and conquest by the many-faced forces of Evil. A brutal world of thriving savage tribes, scheming power-hungry Wizards in their golden towers, arrogant and remorseless Dragons hoarding unimaginable riches, powerful Kings plotting the cruel downfall of their neighbours, and magnificent cities bristling with opportunity - and Death.

Who will save the innocent from the Blade of assassins? Who shall liberate the Slaves in the dark dungeons of fanatical worshippers? Who can provide a quantum of relief to the Downtrodden? Who can put the Tormented souls to rest? Who has the Courage to stand and keep fighting in the heart of Madness?

Only the Knights of the Chalice - Tireless preservers of Justice and Compassion who would gladly give their life to save the innocent while claiming no reward for it - offer a glimmer of Hope. But they, too, are facing the grave danger of being engulfed and overwhelmed by the Storm of Chaos unleashed upon the world. The Bards have delivered their Omens: only a small band of true Heroes has any chance of turning the tide of Darkness. Only YOU can answer the Call!

Knights of the Chalice 2: Augury of Chaos is a PC computer role-playing game (CRPG) for Windows loosely based upon the Open Game Licence 3.5 (OGL 3.5), the set of rules at the root of the popular pen-and-paper role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons Edition 3.5, made by Wizards of the Coast. Augury of Chaos is the first module created using the game's integrated toolset. From the very beginning, KotC 2 was designed to facilitate the creation of new adventures called Modules.

At the beginning of the game, you create from one to six adventurers: the player characters. For each player character you choose a Class, a Race and a Subrace. During the course of the adventure, the player may recruit up to three companions. Your characters start the game in an underground area which they discovered as they were looking for treasure in the dangerous sewers complex located underneath the village of Finchbury. They soon find themselves caught up in deadly conflict with a powerful group of evil worshippers, the Circle of the Black Rose.

What KotC 2 is not

KotC 2 was not designed as a highly realistic medieval world simulator similar to Ultima VII. Non-player-characters do not have to follow a real-life schedule and not all items have to be interactive.

KotC 2 is not interested in simulationist survival gameplay elements such as tracking the real-life effect of wounds, diseases or starvation. As a general rule, you do not need to buy food rations and cooking is not a character skill.

KotC 2 was not designed with the intent to offer a huge non-linear open world for the player to explore. Sometimes, games with a huge open world make the player feel like a rudderless ship lost in the ocean without guidance. Instead, KotC 2 focuses on a highly-enjoyable core gameplay based on the rules of the OGL 3.5 and an excellent story of epic, high-magic heroic fantasy.

KotC 2 is not intended to be an online multiplayer game. It is a single-player party-based RPG.

KotC 2 does not offer multiclassing options. Instead, it offers 22 interesting character classes.

What KotC 2 is

KotC 2 is an epic, high-magic, heroic-fantasy party-based top-down 2D CRPG focusing both on epic, challenging turn-based combat and a captivating story line offering a variety of real options and real in-game consequences.

KotC 2 is an attempt at reconstructing the very best aspects of the following games: Dark Sun The Shattered Lands, Champions of Krynn, Temple of Elemental Evil, Baldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Broken Sword The Shadow of the Templars. All but one of the games cited above are Dungeons & Dragons video games. Hence, it is very appropriate for KotC 2 to use the OGL 3.5 ruleset.

Party creation: Unlike most modern RPGs, you create your party of characters at the beginning of the game. Character and party creation is a particularly interesting aspect of the game. The game's many character classes offer unique advantages to the party that may be synergistic with the abilities of the other party members. Create the perfect combat-focused party, or have fun creating a party of eccentric misfits. With 22 Classes, 10 Races, 36 Subraces, 478 Feats, 31 primary and secondary Skills, more than 700 Spells, 14 weapon groups and 59 Weapon, Shield and Armour types, the only limit is your imagination!

Enjoy listening to the astute, useful comments of witty recruitable non-player characters (NPCs). KotC 2 does not limit your party to the characters created at the beginning of the game. In future adventure modules, why not hire this gloomy Barbarian at the tavern, or let the Paladin that you saved from the clutches of an evil cult join the party? Recruitable NPCs are not limited in terms of their race or abilities. An Elemental, a Construct, a Demon, a Shark-man, a Bird-man or a Vampire may end up joining your party just like an Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Giant or Mantis character could!

Explore the world of Mindrel, with its unique pantheon and unique geography. A new world bristling with opportunities, where the Five Moons are just as important to spellcasters as the three moons were in the Dragonlance campaign setting.

Come out victorious in highly-tactical group combat against overwhelming odds. Imagine new tactics and new strategies in order to thwart the powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI deployed in KotC 2 is a more advanced version of the AI found in KotC 1. Enemies are perfectly capable of using Metamagic spells, abilities such as Breath Weapon and Gaze Attack, or combat manoeuvres such as Grapple, Pin, Charge, Swallow Whole, Trip, Disarm, Feint, Bull Rush, Smite, Whirlwind Attack, Coup-de-Grace, Ready to Counterspell, or Ready Versus Spell with maximum effectiveness. Enemies will often take a Five-foot Step before casting a spell or shooting, or reposition themselves before using a Cone Spell. Magic users will dissipate your Stinking Cloud spells with a simple Gust of Wind spell, or destroy your magical Webs with a simple Burning Hands spell. Combatants will often use group tactics. Enemies will Wake Up their Sleeping or Fascinated allies, use Flanking against the party members, pull spellcasting allies out of a Grapple, or cast a wide range of healing and supporting spells on their allies. Not all enemies are tactical geniuses though - the Intelligence Score of creatures is now taken into account. Likewise, some monsters are cowards who will flee combat when they see their leader or comrades falling.

Experience a highly-rewarding, never-seen-before level of challenge. Some monsters will simply wait for the party to be fighting with other enemies before joining the fight. Some monsters will attack the party once it is divided into two subgroups. Some monsters will launch pincer attacks, or use the element of surprise to pummel the party during the surprise round. Some encounters will take place in particularly perilous environments. Your characters may have to fight underwater, brave the heat of a volcano, or endure the toxic fumes of a gigantic poison trap. Some particularly devious areas, called Death Snares, will tax the party's fighting ability and survival skill to its extreme limit.

Enjoy a deep Weapon and Armour Forging and Enchantment system. Craft Masterwork weapons in a variety of materials, then enchant them to allow your party to face the enemy fearlessly. A total of 71 Weapon enchantments and 51 Armour and Shield enchantments are available, including Vorpal, Life Stealing, Swift or Giant-Sized. Ranged weapons are not forgotten. Push enemies into dangerous pits with a Knockback longbow, or use a Flaming Splash weapon to deal fire damage to all creatures standing near your target. Your characters can also use Reach Weapons to strike at non-adjacent enemies. Enchanted Weapons and Armour are often unique artifacts, meaning that they offer additional benefits, such as an increase in Ability Scores, Hit Points, Saving Throws or Damage Rolls. Sometimes, you may have to resolve a riddle in order to unlock an item's full power.

KotC 2 is much more than a CRPG. It is also a powerful, user-friendly set of tools for creating new and exciting OGL 3.5 CRPGs easily. You can create a stand-alone adventure, or you can allow your module to use the Saved Games of a previous module, thereby creating a campaign made up of connected adventures. The 5-5-5 User Module offer: construct a high-quality module and we will split the net sales 50/50 for five years (subject to agreement).

The toolset includes a powerful Creature and Template Editor that allows you to give Class Levels to any creature with a single click of the mouse. Want this Succubus to have three levels of Death Knight, or five levels of Wizard? You can do this very easily with a few clicks. Once created, you can easily place several instances of a monster on the map with just a few clicks. Draw a rectangle around them, click their leader and they will now behave as a group in the game, moving together and fighting together cohesively. Want to change the map and monster graphics? You can do that easily as all graphics are stored within the game's folder as individual PNG files. Want to copy and paste one or several creatures? You can do that easily too. Use the Creature Wizard to create a new Dragon easily by selecting its age category in a dropdown box. Easily create totally new monsters with their own attacks and abilities. Monsters only require a single 2D image, so you never have to worry about creating a new 3D model, model texture and 3D animation set! The only limit is your imagination.

With the integrated Map Editor, easily place animated torches and other light sources on the map, or atmospheric sound sources such as the wind. Easily place dangerous energy pits for characters to be Bull Rushed into. You decide how deep the pits should be and how much damage they should inflict. Set up ledges where the enemy archers can stand on. Create areas requiring the characters to swim, or dangerous lava-filled expanses. Create a beautiful forest with just a few clicks. Easily display or hide certain monster groups, so that multiple encounters can take place in the same location. Easily find out the Challenge Rating of a monster group by mousing over a creature and pressing G to display the Monster Group screen. Left Click on any creature in order to display the creature's Properties Screen instantly, allowing you to alter the abilities, equipment or AI of individual creatures easily. Use a creature's Inventory Screen to specify what items should be dropped and given to the player when the creature is slain. You can also use the Map Editor to create a new Regional Map, City Map or World Map easily. Easily undo the last change by pressing Left Control + Z.

With the powerful Script Editor, easily create NPC-dialogue scripts, monster-tactics scripts and other scripts that control the flow of the adventure. Quickly and easily associate a script to any object, creature or position on the map. Use scripts to set up graphical puzzles, riddles and cryptographic challenges. When your script requires a position, the adventure map is displayed so that you can simply click on the desired position and your script will be instantly updated with the clicked position - you never have to worry about the actual (x,y) coordinates! All tools in the toolset are interconnected. When you want to inspect or edit an object's script, simply click on that object in the Map Editor and click 'view script' to open the target script instantly in the Script Editor.

Using the Weapon and Item Editors, easily create new Artifact Weapons and Armour, new potions, new magical wearable items, new secret messages and new plot items. The toolset also includes a Spell Editor that allows you to create new spells and edit existing ones. Once a new spell is created, you can easily associate it with magical wearable or consumable items that can be activated or consumed by the characters.

Summary of Features

Turn-based, party-based tactical combat similar to that found in the RPG Dark Sun Shattered Lands made by SSI and in Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil.

Advanced emergent Artificial Intelligence. Enemies act as a group and support each other. They can use special actions like Grapple, Trip, Disarm, Sunder, Feint, Bull Rush, Ready Versus Spell or Swallow Whole and other tactics like taking a Five-Foot step before casting Maximised Fireball. They might use a Wind spell to dissipate the player's Acid Fog or Incendiary Cloud.

More than 700 Spells and Psionic Powers. The game also features 22 Classes, 10 Races, 36 Subraces, about 500 Feats, 41 Cleric Domains, 71 Weapon enchantments and 51 Armour and Shield enchantments.

Multiple-choice dialogue options offering real choices and real in-game consequences to the player. Use your party's unique skills and consider your own preferences and playing style in order to resolve situations in the most suitable manner. Accept or decline various optional quests and join different factions with conflicting interests. Create the perfect combat-focused party, or have fun creating a party of eccentric misfits.

Enjoy a variety of engrossing puzzles and riddles. Use your intuition and logical thinking to decrypt mysterious coded messages. The game's cryptography interface, inspired by Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars, makes decoding a captivating activity. Do not worry about the difficulty of puzzles and riddles, though, as the game frequently provides Hints designed to help you resolve this type of challenge.

Play through the extensive Tutorial Adventure to learn the ins and outs of the game's interface easily. The tutorial is a unique adventure. It features multiple endings and offers a number of important choices. Create your main character and start exploring the ruins of the ancient citadel of King Valdrek. Your adventure will bring you new friends, but you may also get more than what you bargained for.

Experience brand new tactical challenges. Get ready for pitched battles with frequent enemy reinforcements. Some monsters will attack the party once it is divided into two subgroups. Your characters may have to fight underwater, brave the heat of a volcano, or endure the toxic fumes of a gigantic poison trap. Some particularly devious areas, called Death Snares, will tax the party's fighting ability and survival skill to its extreme limit.

KotC 2 Augury of Chaos allows you to create your level-1 characters and take them all the way to level 21 or so. There is no limit on character level. You can create up to six characters from scratch. In addition, you may recruit eight permanent companions during the course of the adventure, increasing your total number of party members to eight or nine by the end of the game. Temporary companions and allies will also be assisting your party from time to time.

User-friendly interface. Launch a charge, full-attack or coup-de-grace with a single click - the computer will automatically look for the best option available. Out of combat, move the party with a single click or by keeping the mouse button pushed. Also see the KotC 1 How to Play webpage for more information.

Omnipresent help files and clear in-game feedback on the results of each dice roll, saving throw, attack roll, modifiers and so on. A similar feature exists in Temple of Elemental Evil.

With the right materials and sufficient gold and experience points, craft your own weapons and armour and apply enchantments like Vorpal, Life Stealing, Wounding, Swift, Dispelling or Flaming Burst.

Use the powerful integrated toolset to create new modules and campaigns easily. Easily swap monster tokens and sprites or create new ones. Create new monsters, new dialogues and new maps easily. The best modules may also generate an income stream for you thanks to the 5-5-5 User Module Offer.

Enjoy fast Saved-Game loading and saving and numerous game options designed to accelerate gameplay. Enjoy various convenience features, such as the Saved-Game preview image display, automatic potion and scroll distribution to the party members, Tab key press to highlight objects that may be interacted with, Inventory Screen weapon-comparison tooltip, and the highlighting of spell scrolls that may be learned by a character.

Thanks to its successful Kickstarter campaign, KotC 2 will receive many further improvements in the future, including new creature sprites, new feats, new items, a new iconised combat-actions menu, and more. New adventure modules will also be created.

Easily increase the difficulty level to create a drastically different experience where each and every one of your decisions both in combat and out of combat could mean the difference between life and death. Or simply download an extensive user module, such as Dorateen's Hearkenwold, for an awesome change of pace. Get ready for hundreds of hours of immersive and delightful playtime!

Archmage Pack Features

The Archmage Pack is the indispensable companion to Knights of the Chalice 2! Whether you're interested in gameplay advice, tactical tips, a detailed walkthrough, high-quality game soundtracks, or the creation of new adventure modules, there is much content of interest for you to find within the pack. The main features of the pack are described below.

Augury of Chaos PDF Guidebook: This richly-illustrated 410-page guidebook covers the following topics: difficulty options, general advice, weapon styles, weapon enchantments, character-creation advice, skills, how to build each class, important spells, spell tactics, building a party, recruitable companions, complete walkthrough, puzzles, power rankings.

Module Editor PDF Guidebook: This essential 67-page guidebook provides detailed instructions and advice about the KotC 2 Module Editor. Read this easy-to-use guidebook to learn how to create your own adventure modules and edit existing modules. It's the ultimate reference that will grant you all the keys needed to unlock your creativity!

Soundtracks: The Archmage Pack includes 54 MP3 soundtracks and two WAV soundtracks. The set of MP3 soundtracks includes 28 soundtracks from KotC 2, 17 soundtracks from KotC 1, and nine soundtracks from Battle of the Sands. Finally, you can listen to your favourite KotC music easily on your device of choice.

Extra PNG artwork: The Archmage Pack also features four splash screens (including one in very large size), 17 early illustrations of character classes, and 100 large-size achievement icons.

Additional content may be added to the Archmage Pack in the future.

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